Tuition Fees


Infant program:

Half day: $30/day (up to 4 hours a day).    Full Day: $60/day (up to 9 hours a day).

Additional hours may be scheduled at $10/hour.


-rate includes diapers (if needed), wipes, diaper cream, solid foods, formula (if needed), and our custom Reggio-inspired curriculum. 

Preschool/Homeschool Kindergarten Enrichment Classes:


$27.50/day    You choose from 2, 3, or 4 days per week!                                     


Please complete the enrollment agreement HERE to request a spot for your child.


Lab Classes:


$15 per class



$30 enrollment fee due once per calendar year, per family.


Pay your tuition deposit and enrollment fee by clicking on the button below.


Other tuition payments may be made by clicking the hyperlink here  







-diaper bag or backpack

-3 changes of clothing, seasonally appropriate. 

-6 diapers per day (cloth or alternative disposable), parents may leave diapers for several days.

-Photo of parent(s), no larger than 4x6.

-2 bottles of choice.

-Breastmilk or preferred formula for each day (if not using our formula).

-naptime comfort items (small stuffed toy and/or pacifier).




-2 changes of clothing, seasonally appropriate. All items labeled.

-Rain boots

-1 family photo no larger than 4x6.

-water bottle with lid



The following items are community supplies and do not need to be labeled. These need to be purchased yearly, even for returning students.


-Preschool: Ticonderoga Primary size pencils

-Kindergarten: Black, felt tip markers.

-Crayola washable markers-thick and classic colors.

-Crayola crayons-24 pack

-Elmers washable school glue-one bottle

-1 pack (4 count) of Expo dry erase markers (low odor)-any color.

-2 packs of Seventh Generation cleaning wipes

-2 boxes of tissues

-1 package of copy paper

-1 lg ziplock back of recycled items (lids, cork stoppers, empty yogurt cups, etc) AND 1 lg ziplock back of natural items (pinecones, seashells, seeds, etc).




  • Kid-sized daypack/backpack 

  • Full water bottle or water bladder.

  • Snack - Nutritious/low sugar food is best, as we are doing a lot of walking, running, exploring, and playing.

  • Full snow gear if the temps are below 40 degrees- snow boots or lined rainboots, a warm coat AND snow pants. Rain gear if temps are warm enough that it isn't snowing.

  • A full change of clothes (including socks and underwear) in a water-resistant bag.

  • Optional: journal, binoculars, field guides, compass, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, small quick-dry travel towel.​


Enrollment Forms

To enroll your child first turn in the enrollment agreement given at your tour and return it to our school with your $150 deposit + $30 enrollment fee to hold your spot. 


Enrollment Application-Infants

Enrollment Application-prek/kdg


Next, print the rest of the documents listed below and fill out any forms we've provided for you to complete. These must be received 2 business days before your child's first day of school. Your child may not attend until ALL forms are received.


The checklist will help guide you through the enrollment process.


Enrollment Checklist


Parent Handbook-Infants

Parent Handbook-Prek/Kdg


Child Info page/Health Assessment


Food Allergy Form- fill out if your child has food allergies.


*please let us know if you need a medication administration form for any medications, emergency or otherwise, your child takes.


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