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Tuition Fees



Daily Enrichment:


$40 per day for full day from 9am-3pm. 

After school programs til 4pm available for enrolled students. 


Tuition payments may be made by clicking the hyperlink here.  






Supply List
•1 change of clothing, seasonally appropriate. All items labeled. 
•Rain boots

*children will need snow pants and snow boots to play outside at school during winter months*

The following will stay at school.
• Pencils, pre-sharpened.
• 2 felt tip sharpies PENS.
• 1 pack of washable, classic markers
• 1 packs of toilet paper and 2 packs of paper towels.
• 1 pack of copy paper.


Enrollment Forms

To enroll your child, turn in the enrollment agreement with your deposit.

Enrollment Application

Please print the academic calendar for your information!

2022-23 calendar 

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